Click the red Sign In link at the top right corner of this web page to be redirected to a lookup page to find your company's WebClock URL. You will be prompted to select whether you are a manager or employee, and to enter the email address associated with your profile. Once you click GO, you will be redirected to your login page. If you experience any issues with this, please contact support for assistance.

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From the employee login screen, click on the 3 small horizontal lines at the top left corner of the interface to open a drop-down menu. From there you can select the option "Forgot your PIN? Click here!". You will be prompted to enter your WebClock ID as well as provide the answer to the security question you set up when you first created your PIN. If you are redirected to a yellow screen to set your PIN up, this was successful. If you are unable to remember the answer to the security question or your WebClock ID, please contact your site's administrator for assistance.

From the manager login screen, click on the red button labeled "Recover Password" just below the button to log in. You will be prompted to enter your username and the email address associated with your profile. Once complete, an email will be sent to that same address containing a new temporary password which can be used to log in and set your new password.

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After the initial setup of any manager or administrator profile in WebClock, the password must be changed by either utilizing the Recover Password link on the manager login screen, or via the Change Password link once logged in with that profile's credentials. Alternately, administrators can log in and go into the locked profile's setup to click the Reset Password link there which will randomly generate a new password and send it to the email address associated with the profile.

There are a number of factors that play into this. The most common issue is the employee's pay type being set incorrectly. You can verify this by navigating to the employee's setup screen from the Admin tab. If the employee is set to Exempt, they are not eligible for overtime.

If the employee is not set to Exempt status, the next thing to check on the same setup screen is whether their daily and weekly overtime parameters are set correctly. The average default for this is 40 hours per week.

Once you have confirmed that your employee is set up correctly, the last thing to double check is whether their time worked past the designated overtime parameter is in fact within the same work week as defined when your site was configured. Ex; Monday - Sunday

Yes, there are three reports readily available in your site found in the Report tab which can look into archived historical data to pull this information, and each displays the information a little different. These are: Date Range Report, Time Sheet Data Report RAW DATA, and Punch Detail Report RAW DATA.

Log into WebClock using your ID and PIN. For those using WebClock versions 9.0 and beyond, click the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the page to open the dropdown menu. Select Current and Previous Timesheet, then whichever period you want to see.
For older versions of WebClock, once logged in with ID and PIN there will be blue links at the top center and left side of the page to select from.

Whenever time off requests get approved, an email notification is sent to the email address associated with the profile of the person who submitted the request. There is a link toward the bottom of the email that can be clicked to download a file which is formatted to upload into calendar software.

From your manager dashboard you will click on the Time Management button at the top of your screen. From there you will see a list of your employees. Scroll through to find the employee you wish to make an edit for. Once you have located the employee, next to their name you will see two icons. You can view the most current time records by clicking on the clock icon. You will then be directed to a screen that will show every punch this employee has made recently. Clicking on the pencil icon to the left of a record will open a screen that will prompt you to modify the time to be whatever it should be. Clicking on the start time will open a calendar. You will want to ensure that the correct date is selected and change the time by using the blue sliders at the bottom, or by typing in the field. You may be required to enter a comment explaining why this change is being made, then simply click Update and this edit is now complete.

Log in to Webclock as a manager or admin. Upon log in, near the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard you will see a question mark. Clicking on the question mark will bring up our support team contact information, as well as a blue button labeled User Guide. Clicking on the user guide button will open a separate tab with our complete user guide.

Manager profiles can only be set up by administrators in the site. To do this, log in and click the Admin tab at the top left of the page. Under the red Setup dropdown menu on the left side of the page, select Security & Departments. At the top of the page listing the departments in your site, click the link to View Supervisors. At the top of this page listing your supervisors, click the link to Add Supervisor. You will need to toggle the options to grant them either admin or manager access, enter their username and email address, and the rest of the permissions can be set as desired.

Once this is completed, you will now see the new profile on your supervisor with a note under the username in red stating "Incomplete". To complete the setup, click the pencil icon to the left of the username and you will see two new buttons for View/Set Group List and View/Set Employee List. These buttons determine which employees the manager has access to view data for. At minimum, you will want to click the View/Set Group List and select at least one department, then click Update. Once this is completed, the red "Incomplete" note will be gone and your manager can begin using their profile.

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This could be caused by multiple factors, but it is usually only one causing the problem. The first thing you will want to confirm is that this was not actually a timeout issue. First ensure the manager does not have any separate tabs of WebClock open in their browser or on a separate page in the background, as any other pages left idle will time them out on all pages. If there is a log out button displayed, click that. If not, continue on. Close the web browser completely, including any other separate tabs they may have open in the background, then re-open and navigate back to WebClock to log in again.

If the issue persists, the next thing they will want to ensure is that they are using the correct credentials. They can either refer to their site's administrator to provide them, or they can utilize the Recover Password link on the login page to get the password reset. Submitting incorrect credentials will display the same error.

Once certain that neither of the above possibilities are causing the problem, an administrator will want to ensure the manager's profile is set up correctly. First, confirm that there is at least one department selected in the View/Set Group List. On this same screen, ensure that the comma separated list of departments above the checklist does not have any typos, extra or missing departments, or any extra commas.

If the issue persists after verifying everything listed above looks correct, please contact WebClock support to troubleshoot further.

The employee may not have been assigned to the correct department by default. To verify this, log in as an administrator and navigate to your active employee list on the Admin tab. Click the pencil icon to the left of the employee and on the orange setup screen, you will see which department they are assigned to at the top right. If this needs to be updated, simply select the appropriate department from the dropdown list and then save the change.

If you have confirmed that the employee's department is set correctly, the next place to look is at the manager's setup. From the Admin tab, under the Setup dropdown on the left side of the page, select Security & Departments. At the top of the department list, click View Supervisors. From here, click the pencil icon to the left of the manager in question. First verify via the View / Set Group list button that the manager has the correct departments selected for their profile view.

If the departments assigned to the employee and the manager you want to view them are intentionally different, you can utilize the View / Set Employee List button to override the department selection and include that employee in the manager's view.

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You can find this by logging in as either a manager or administrator and navigating to your active employee list. Their WebClock ID will be listed next to their name.

To find their PIN, log in as an administrator and navigate to the active employee list under the Admin tab. Their PIN will be displayed next to the ID. If there is no PIN displayed, it has not been set up yet.

When you hit your maximum number of users the next time you try to add a user a request form will appear. The number of licenses for each site can only be updated manually by ITCS staff, however you can request we do so for you at any time. Click on the Help and Support link. There are no restrictions on how frequently these can be updated or by how many.

First ensure that the holiday processed properly. A temporary network interruption could have caused the processing to fail. You can verify this by going back to the same place you processed it, and it should have moved to the list at the bottom of the page with an Un-Do button to the left of it.

The next place to check is in the holiday's setup screen, found under the Setup dropdown on the Admin tab. To give credit to employees appropriately, there must be a value in the field 'Pct Credit'. You will also want to ensure the holiday is not incorrectly limited by department.

Once verified that everything appears to be set up correctly, the last place to check is global eligibility in your Option Settings. Navigate to the admin tab, and under the Setup dropdown select Edit Option Settings. Select the Holiday Handling section. The first 6 options listed determine who all receives credit and how much.

There are 2 ways that this can occur, and both are typically the result of a failure to punch out at the end of a shift, or the punch out not having made it into WebClock until much later than it was completed, which may happen if your company uses a physical time clock device. The first place to check is in the pay period just prior to the one the erroneous record was found. If the last record in the prior pay period has an end time of midnight at the end of the pay period, the system automatically closed the shift so that payroll could be completed. To correct this, simply edit the end time of the shift and remove the record that auto-populated in the following pay period.

The other way this can occur is if your site is set up to close shifts after a certain amount of time. You can find this setting by logging in as an administrator and navigating to your Option Settings found on the Admin tab. The option is K-13 under the Employee Abilities section; the value entered in this field is the number of hours after which an open record gets closed automatically by the system.

Click the admin tab at the top left corner of the page. Under the Setup dropdown on the left, click the Holidays link. At the top of this page, click Add Holiday. At minimum fill out the fields for Date, Description, Pay Code, and Pct Credit, plus any other that may apply. If you are not sure what to use for the Pay Code, refer to your payroll team for direction. Pct Credit refers to the percentage of a normal shift being applied to employees. By default this is set to 8, so the entry would be 100 (100% is 8 hours, 50% is 4 hours, etc). The default setting can be changed by contacting WebClock Support

Holiday processing must be completed by a user with administrator access to WebClock. Once logged in, click the Admin tab at the top left, then under the Features dropdown select Process Holidays. This will bring you to a list of available holidays where you can click the Process button to the left of the one needing to be processed after the holiday date has passed. Note that holidays should not be processed in advance as this can result in some employees not receiving credit due to ineligibility at the time of processing.

From the Admin tab in WebClock, select Time Accrual Admin. Click Process Auto-Accrual at the top of the following page. From the list of available pay periods, click the blue paygroup link to the left of the period needing to be processed. As best practice, we recommend processing accruals as part of your payroll routine. The balance changes are applied instantly and can be reviewed from either the Time Accrual Balance report on the Manage tab, or the Accrual Change Report on the Report tab.

Keep in mind this should always be completed in consecutive chronological order; any periods that are skipped over will not accrue. If there are rules calculated based on hours worked, always wait until after the period has ended before processing it to ensure all worked hours are included. Monthly accruals will grant time whenever a period crossing the first of each month is processed. Annual accruals are granted on either a set calendar date, or employees' anniversary dates depending on your configuration. For any questions on how to set up new rules, please reach out to support for assistance.

Accrual processing is affected by a number of factors, both in each employee's setup and in the rules themselves. Your accrual rules are found under the Features dropdown of the Admin tab in the section marked Time Accrual Admin. Select Administer Auto-Accrual Rules.

The very first thing to verify, especially with new hires, is whether they are marked as eligible for accrual in their employee setup screens at the bottom right corner of the page. In the same employee setup screen, ensure that the period in which they are set to accrue (Per Pay Period, Per Hour Worked, etc) is set the same as the accrual rule in question. If these are set differently, the employee will not accrue correctly. Verify also that the employee's hire date coincides with the minimum term of service requirement in the accrual rule in question. If the employee was hired less than 30 days ago and the minimum term of service is 30 days, they will not accrue.

The final piece to verify is whether the rules have any process level associated with them (to view this, click the pencil icon to the left of the rule), and if the employee in question has that exact process level entered on their setup screen.

If your accrual processing has been customized at all or if you have any questions, please reach out to support for assistance.