Benefits of Payroll Integration

by mgossett
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Benefits of Payroll Integration

In our previous blog, “Payroll Integration: What Is It?”, we introduced you to payroll integration and explained how our good friend Bob found many benefits he could reap by integrating his payroll.

What are the fantastic benefits that Bob and his team gained from combining our HR management software, time and attendance, scheduling, time off requests, expense management, and payroll into a single solution? Let us better explain:


  • Increased Savings
    • By utilizing our payroll system, you will reduce costs by saving on labor and administrative expenses
  • More Efficient
    • By switching from a manual or non-integrated process, you require fewer multiple data inputs and/or paperwork
  • Streamlined Processes
    • With an integrated system, consolidated reporting and streamlined updates make for a more robust overall process
  • Better Compliance
    • To ensure that your business meets the FLSA regulations and you are compliant, implementation of payroll integration is an essential component
  • Happier Employees
    • All in all, an employee that has a system tthat automates manual tasks creating an efficient and streamlined process, is happier

Why waste hours of precious time only to risk being stressed over small mistakes?

This is where we come in! At ITCS-Web-Clock, we offer the freedom to change your payroll and HR solutions so you can integrate and migrate to a cloud-based workforce management easily.

You will be able to extend efficiencies and further integrate information into a financial and productivity system.

An excellent follow-up question is, what systems should you integrate with your new payroll system? The answer is simple, how easy do you want to make life for yourself as a business owner or manager?

You can integrate these systems with your new payroll system:

With our open architecture application building the bridge between your current systems and application, we can help you elevate business and improve your day-to-day payroll responsibilities.

Ready to take the next steps? Contact ITCS-WebClock sales today at or 888-549-5550 to integrate your human resource system into a seamless one-stop-shop!